Spring Marketing & Promotions Internship 2019

We are looking for students who are passionate, dedicated, energetic, resourceful and creative. We encourage students who possess fundamental skills in not only their area of study, but also desire to establish a launching pad for future career opportunities.

We are committed to engaging the next generation of entertainment professionals to help keep us at the top of our game. At B&R Productions, you'll get hands-on experience, gain knowledge of the industry, and develop a network for your professional career.

Duties may include:

• Help Marketing with various tasks associated with Concert and Festival Projects.

• Learn and assist with social media best practices,media buying and settlements.

• Onsite event logistics at Pretentious Beer Co., Sunset On Central and other special events.

• Support marketing team with day of show execution of on-site promotions, media, and other opportunities.

• Aide Concert Production with promoting, producing, media, marketing, and executing concerts.

• Support staff with calendar management.

• Assist with prepping and analyzing data.

• Assist with filing, data entry, reception, and other day-to-day office tasks.

• Perform meeting-note taking and note editing.

Ideal Internship Candidate:

• Appropriate major in related field to the desired position.

• Previous festival/concert work or volunteer experience (industry related experience is encouraged).

• Excellent organizational skills with proficiency in note taking.

• Willingness to commute to concert and festival locations, when necessary

• Strong critical thinker who works well in a team environment.

• Communicates timelines for finishing projects effectively.

• Able to prioritize multiple projects at once.

• Highly motivated, dedicated, energetic, resourceful and creative individual.

• Commitment to 10-15 hours work per week during semester.

• Provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S.

• Computer literacy in MS Office programs (or other programs if the position demands it, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.).

• Experience shooting with a DSLR camera is a plus.

To apply, email your resume to info@bornandraisedknox.com with the following subject line: Born & Raised Productions / Internship / (Intended) Semester. Feel free to include information about yourself, your favorite records and the last band you saw live.

Knoxville, TN

Must be a current college student.